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I will be your coach for 3 Hrs (2.5 Hrs + 30 Mins Bonus Content) POOJA KATNESHWARKAR

Has trained a Diverse Range of Trainees Ranging from College Students, Corporate Employees, Leadership Bands, Politicians and Retired Personnel.


Trained 5,000+ People Across All Over India

Workshop On 29th July 2023

(10:00 AM Onward)



To Unlock Bonuses Worth Rs 5,500

Level Up: English, Communication, Interview Skills Redeem Your FREE Access To 5 Bonuses

Bonuses worth of Rs. 5,500/-*

Who should attend this workshop ?

Who should attend this workshop ?


You will learn about the 12 factors framework that can enable you to crack any interview.


You will understand the thought process of interviewer as in what exactly they expect out the candidates.


You will learn how and what kind of preparation can bring about the miraculous changes your interview performance!


You will realize how strong you are as a candidate and the ways you can prove that in the interviews.

Get Bonuses worth of Rs. 5,5000/-*

Meet Your Trainer

  • 12 + years of diverse experience as a Software developer, trainer and speaker in India and United Kingdom.

  • Has been awarded by Fair and lovely foundation for outstanding achievements.

  • Bagged the title ‘Miss Elite’ in a personality contest organized by Rotary club.

  • Has been winner of 30+ Elocution and Debate competitions.

  • Has trained a diverse range of trainees ranging from college students, corporate employees, leadership bands, politicians and retired personnel

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Resume Building Workshop

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