Top Robotics Career Paths to Pursue in 2023

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers design, develop, and test robotic systems. They work on a variety of applications, including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and space exploration.

AI and Machine Learning Engineer for Robotics

AI and machine learning engineers develop and implement AI and ML algorithms for robots. This allows robots to learn from their environment and make decisions autonomously.

Robotics Software Developer

Robotics software developers create and maintain the software that controls robots. They work closely with robotics engineers to ensure that the software meets the specific needs of the robot.

Industrial Automation Specialist

Industrial automation specialists design, implement, and maintain automated systems in industrial settings. This includes using robots to automate tasks such as manufacturing, assembly, and packaging.

Robotic Ethicist

Robotic ethicists develop and promote ethical guidelines for the design, development, and use of robots. They also work to educate the public about the ethical implications of robotics.