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Joining as a GradX Campus Ambassador is a significant stride towards achieving professional excellence. This opportunity facilitates connections with top coders globally, fostering the augmentation of your leadership proficiencies. Don’t hesitate; enroll today and become an integral member of one of the planet’s most expansive developer communities!

Achieve the role of a GradX Campus Ambassador through these 3 straightforward steps.

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Roles and Duties of a GradX Campus Ambassador

Lead the GradX community within your campus

Conduct GradX and assessment tests or/and plug in with existing events

Establish communication between GradX & the coding communities

Network with the GradX Campus Ambassador community by sharing resources, training material and feedback

Drive registrations for ongoing client hackathons, coding events and practice sessions

Conduct GradX and assessment tests or/and plug in with existing events

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Asked Questions

GradX stands as a dedicated organization, focused on aligning developers with fitting opportunities spanning the globe. At the heart of GradX lies a mission: to assess and structure the global repository of technical skill data, ultimately reshaping the panorama of technical recruitment internationally. By furnishing learning materials, practical queries, and interview primers, GradX ensures the convergence of deserving candidates with apt openings. Complementing this, GradX equips companies with tools for technical recruitment, facilitating the discovery of the ideal candidates tailored to their needs.

You should join the GradX Campus Ambassador program because you get to work along with the coolest team in the tech industry. You will get the much-needed exposure that will enhance your communication, management, and technical skills by managing events, and using your communications skills to effectively spread awareness about the platform within your campus.

As a GCA, you will be loaded with perks like a Certificate of Appreciation/Letter of recommendation, mentorship from the leaders at HackerEarth, networking opportunities, recognition of active Campus ambassadors on the company’s website, corporate mock interviews.

If you are a coder by heart, would love to meet all our coding wizards across the globe, have good connections within the student fraternity, and want to enhance your leadership skills, you’ve come to the right place!

Students who have technical acumen and come from relevant academic backgrounds are welcome to participate.

Just 2 simple steps!
1. Fill the details in the form
2. If you meet our eligibility criteria, there will be an assessment test to get to know you better.

Voila! As soon as you pass our assessment test, give yourself a pat on your back for officially becoming a GradX Campus Ambassador!

We expect you to spend 2-3 hours per week to be a successful GCA and to be able to derive maximum benefit from this program.

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