Join GradX Conversation Partner Program

Hundreds of brands globally use GradX as their Conversational AI solution. Join forces with GradX to add AI-powered virtual assistants as your key business offerings, enjoy the highest revenue share, and seamlessly expand your presence across global markets.

Elevate your Clients’ Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Many of your clients are struggling to keep up with their customers’ ever-growing digital-first needs. GradX offers powerful AI-led virtual assistants that drive 24/7 personalized & omnichannel conversational experiences for your clients’ entire user lifecycle from the first touchpoint to post-purchase & beyond.

Launch a chatbot in days

Empower your clients to offer real-time customer support for their users without scaling their support teams using GradX AI-powered virtual Assistants.

Make experiences personal

From the first hello to the final payment switch on AI-powered customer support and deliver uninterrupted and contextual experiences across every channel.

Unlock new revenue streams

Enable your clients to offer AI-powered support to their users at the right time to guide them to the right product, driving improved CX & new customer revenue.

Why Partner with GradX?

Our Conversation Partner Program is built to empower businesses with the most robust Conversational AI solution to drive immersive and upscale customer experiences.  We also run joint GTM campaigns with our partners such as webinars, events, case studies, whitepapers, allowing them to use our marketing vehicle to garner traction and generate more business.

Achieve attractive revenue share

Get the industry's best revenue sharing structure, earn recurring referral commissions and add a new revenue stream for your business.

Increase your market reach

Co-create multi-lingual AI-chatbots that accelerate digitization for your clients, improving your impact across global markets.

Become a technology leader

Expand your offerings to deliver a full-stack, future-ready product suite, thereby driving higher value for your customers.

Find The Right Fit For You

Partner at no cost | Increase your revenue channels|Industry-leading revenue share |Expand  your TAM

Conversation Partner Program

Our Conversation Partner Program is perfect for Agencies, Consultancies, Influencers, System Integrators to independently refer, build, co-create, sell and implement cutting-edge Conversational AI solutions for their clients. With Haptik’s robust training and onboarding program, you can start implementing powerful conversational AI solutions within days. 

  • Earn recurring referral commission and enjoy a competitive revenue share structure
  • Co-create Conversational AI Solutions  with Haptik’s customized co-selling initiatives & joint GTM
  • Access a new market & add a new revenue stream by becoming a Haptik re-seller
  • Add revenue-generating growth channels using Haptik’s omnichannel suite of solutions
  • Develop expertise in AI by adding Haptik’s solution to your existing toolkit. 


Our Conversation Partners

Charle is an award-winning Shopify agency & ecommerce expert, offices based in London, who partner with ambitious brands across the globe to design, develop & grow Shopify & Shopify Plus websites.

Charle is an award-winning Shopify agency & ecommerce expert, offices based in London, who partner with ambitious brands across the globe to design, develop & grow Shopify & Shopify Plus websites.

adQuadrant has generated over a billion dollars in revenue for the most ambitious brands in eCommerce by specializing in creative, omnichannel & attribution strategies, & full- funnel execution.

Codal modernizes and grows businesses by designing and developing digital solutions that companies, their employees, and their customers love.

And besides all of the above, you also get…​

Out-of-the-box Integrations

available for top CRMs and Live Chat tools - Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk

Use case discovery tool

to identify top use cases based on your past CRM/live chat data

KMS Integration

capabilities to set up FAQs via easy no-code integration to your Knowledge Management System

Multilingual capabilities

with OOTB Support for 15 languages and auto language detection capabilities

Partnership with Facebook & Whatsapp

ensuring access and support for all features and development